Why Herbal Medicine?

Why Herbal Medicine?

why herbal medicine

Before explaining why herbal medicine is useful, it is better to explore the definition of this topic. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), herbal medicine refers to knowledge, skills, and practices based on the theory, beliefs, and indigenous experiences of different cultures used to maintain health, prevent, diagnose, improve, and treat physical and mental illness.

What is Herbal Medicine?

For thousands of years, humans have used different areas of plants or animal derivatives to treat their health problems. In Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East, about 70-90% of people still use a variety of traditional remedies as initial treatment. Herbal medicine in some areas has comprehensive support containing research studies and scientific theoretical and practical documents.

However, in other areas, this knowledge has gradually diminished from generation to generation and has been reduced to verbal quotations. Since one-third of people in different communities do not have access to modern medicine, offering traditional and safe alternative therapies can provide a way to increase access to health care. Hence, other ethnic groups are returning to their conventional and indigenous principles and teachings in some parts of the world.

Currently, more than 100 countries have mechanisms for herbal medicines used by doctor of herbal medicine. But the methods of herbal medicine in different countries and regions of the world differ according to societies’ cultural, historical, character, and personal philosophy. Among the common types of herbal medicine globally, we can mention Chinese, Indian, African, and Iranian herbal medicine. Herbal medicine in many countries is known as complementary or alternative medicine.

However, in some countries, complementary or alternative medicine has a somewhat different definition. It refers to a broad set of health care measures that may not necessarily be part of the community’s tradition and have not yet been integrated into its health care system.

Why Herbal Medicine better than Modern Medicine?

place of herbs in modern medicine

This article will compare herbal medicine with modern medicine and prove why herbal medicine is better than modern medicine. Therefore, it is better to refer to the beginning of the emergence of modern medicine and the movements that take place against herbal medicine.

More than three centuries after the increasing growth of modern medicine, many of herbalist today have raised their voices against the adverse effects of chemical drugs. Fortunately, this cry has been introduced first in the west of the birthplace of modern medicine and then around the world.

Proponents of modernity consider modern medicine one of its most important achievements. They usually attack herbal medicine that contradicts the principles of modern medicine by giving a few examples of the success of modern medicine in diagnosing and eliminating some diseases.

Many proponents of modern medicine are unaware of its lesions and problems for some reasons, still promote it despite being aware of its problems. It is now clear to the wise and prudent of the world community that modern medicine, in some cases, has led to the emergence of adverse effects and consequences on human health.

Why Herbal Medicine can be your choice?

It’s time to say why herbal medicine is useful. Unlike modern medicine, herbal medicine is a repellent method. The principles of holistic medicine prevent getting sick. In contrast, the principles of modern medicine are more focused on treating the disease.

An herbal medicine specialist treats the causes, while modern medicine pays more attention to the side effects of disease. Herbal medicine in the treatment of disease focuses on modulation of temperaments within the human. In contrast, modern medicine seeks to eliminate the symptoms of the disease rather than the cause of the disease.

Herbal remedies are often natural and made from herbs. Even if the holistic doctor is unable to correctly diagnose the cause of the disease, the use of those herbal remedies (in part) will not in most cases, cause additional harm or pain to the patient. But in modern medicine, which contains many chemical drugs, if the disease is not diagnosed correctly, the use of drugs may make the disease worse due to the severe side effects of chemical drugs. As a result, many people become disillusioned with modern medicine and turn to herbal remedies.

They are medicinal plants, in addition to the medicinal aspect, they are also used in the dyeing industry. It is also used as a spice and edible vegetable in cooking. Some medicinal plants, in addition to the mentioned uses, have the property of repelling plant pests or repelling willows. Therefore, medicinal plants are among the plants that have multiple uses and play an important role in human life.

Diverse treatments in Herbal Medicine

Diverse treatments in herbal medicine

Another explanation that answers why herbal medicine is useful is the existence of different treatments. Herbal medicine has many treatments, and each treatment method has its characteristics and specifications. In other words, herbal medicine does not end with the use of herbal medications alone. herbal medicine treatments are as follows:

  • Herbal therapy: Herbal therapy is one of the oldest branches of herbal medicine. The use of the healing properties of plants to reduce the symptoms of the disease and its treatment is called herbal therapy.
  • Massage Therapy: Massage therapy is done by an herbalist. It is another sub-branch of herbal medicine that is very old and is still used. Massage therapy involves using special massage techniques to improve individuals’ mental and physical conditions.
  • Cupping Therapy: In Persian, the word cupping means treatment, which includes a method of blood sampling that is done to prevent diseases and treat some diseases under certain conditions.
  • Leech therapy: Leech therapy is another medical blood collection treatment special in herbal medicine regarding how blood is taken and heroin enters the human body.
  • Hydrotherapy: Hydrotherapy is a method of herbal medicine that leads to the treatment of some diseases by increasing humidity and body temperature.

Various treatments in herbal medicine make it possible for doctor of herbal medicine in this field to offer definitive therapies for different types of diseases.

Final Words

The use of medicinal plants should be prescribed by a doctor or specialist and avoid its arbitrary use. Therefore, it is necessary for people in the community to know about the method and dosage and the type of use, and you can doctor consultation online to prepare medicinal plants.

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