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natural skin blister treatment

A skin blister is caused by fluid accumulation in the cavity of the outer layer of the skin. Various reasons cause such a complication. Sunburn, infection, viral infections such as chicken pox and rubbing are among the causes of blisters.

Burns are the most common cause of blisters on the skin. Spilling hot liquid on the hand or foot, burning from contact with a hot pan, and burning from steam are the most common causes of burns. But what is the solution for treating and healing burns? What methods are used to treat skin blisters in herbal medicine? It is better to chat with a doctor for better treatment.

Types of skin burns

Types of skin burns

Before providing methods to heal skin burns and blisters, it is better to check the types of skin burns. Burns are classified into four degrees according to the severity of their effects on the skin:

1st degree burns: In this type of burn, only the outer surface of the skin is damaged. A first degree burn is the mildest type of burn and usually causes redness, mild pain and swelling of the skin.

2nd degree burns: This type of burn affects the lower and deeper layers of the skin. The formation of white, shiny and watery blisters on the skin is one of the side effects of second degree burns.

3rd degree burns: The damage to the underlying tissues of the skin and even the adverse effect on the nerves of the skin have caused the third degree burn to be called a full thickness burn. Third degree burns are associated with symptoms such as roughness and highlighting of the skin, changing the color of the skin to charcoal or dark brown or white and waxing. This type of burn is one of the medical emergencies and its treatment is done only in the hospital.

4th degree burns: The most severe type of injury is caused by burns. Damage to bones and joints are the effects of 4th degree burns. Treatment of this type of burn, like 3rd degree burn, is done only in special burn hospitals.

Treatment of skin blisters with herbal medicine

Most first and second degree burns can be cured by using some herbs and herbal medicines. Usually, in this method of treatment, the burn and its complications such as blisters will improve after one to two weeks. In fact, the purpose of such treatments is to prevent infection, heal the skin and reduce pain. however, it is better to chat with an herbalist due to the importance of skin burns to improve its complications.

Aloe vera plant

The most famous and best plant for healing burns is aloe vera. This plant has anti-inflammatory properties and strengthens and improves blood circulation in the damaged part of the skin. As a result, it prevents the accumulation and proliferation of bacteria.

The ingredients and compounds in aloe vera gel are similar to morphine. As a result, when using it on wounds, blisters and burns, there will be no burning sensation. Aloe vera gel reduces pain gradually. The resin contained in this plant heals the wound.

To treat and heal first and second degree burns and skin blisters, it is enough to remove some aloe vera gel from its leaf and apply it directly on the area.


Honey is a multipurpose substance. Oral and topical consumption of this substance has many beneficial effects for the body. Applying honey to burns and skin blisters is highly recommended in both herbal and modern medicine. This substance has anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Therefore, when skin burns and blisters occur, cover it with honey and a clean bandage to benefit from its amazing effects in improving your skin.

Baking soda

Mix a few spoons of baking soda with some cold water to make a soft paste. Putting this paste on the burn site significantly improves and prevents the aggravation of skin blisters.


Raw potato is a simple and very desirable way to reduce and treat skin inflammation. Peel the potato and wash it. Then grate it and remove the water. Apply potato pulp on the inflamed skin.

Cold tea bag!

Place a used tea bag in the refrigerator to cool. After half an hour, put it on the inflamed area. Tea bags contain tannins. This combination has a great effect in treating and improving inflammation caused by burns and heals the wound.

Important points during burns

From the point of view of holistic medicine, when superficial burn incidents occur, some basic measures must be taken to prevent serious injuries:

Important points during burns

1. Never pop blisters. The liquid inside the blisters contains sterilizing substances and prevents the formation of fungal wounds.

2. Burned skin is sensitive to sunlight; Therefore, avoid being exposed to the sun when you have a burn.

3. A common misconception is to use butter during burns. While there is no scientific research on the effectiveness of this method. Butter not only helps to reduce pain and heal wounds; But by keeping the heat under the skin, it also aggravates the burn. This applies to all oils.

It is recommended to use chamomile oil or lavender oil to heal and improve first degree burns.

4. Egg white is another thing that some people use on burn wounds and blisters. The compounds in egg whites cause skin infections and blisters.

5. After the burn, apply cotton soaked in fatty milk on the burn site. Fatty milk relieves inflammation and reduces burning sensation. Do not use this method if the blisters have burst.

6. Cucumber skin and yogurt are two excellent and effective ingredients for reducing inflammation and skin blisters. Place these ingredients on the burn area for 20 minutes to help heal the skin blister.

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