Traditional medicine treatments for common diseases

Traditional medicine treatments for common diseases1

Tips of traditional medicine about the treatment of common diseases

At the beginning of this article it is necessary to remind that herbal medicine is a supplement to modern medicine and should not be considered as an alternative.

Therefore, patients should consult a specialist in case of acute illness and follow the recommendations of traditional medicine to reduce the complications of the disease or accelerate the healing process.

But in many cases, people get diseases that can be treated using traditional medicine methods, without invasive treatments.

Such simple treatments have been somewhat overlooked, and in this article we are going to point out some of the common ailments and traditional medicine treatments for them.

It is worth noting that this article does not cover all aspects of the subject.

Therefore, for more detailed information about a specific disease and its treatment methods, you must consult a traditional medicine doctor.

Fatty Liver

Fatty liver is a chronic and dangerous disease that can be caused by alcohol or fat consumption.

Consumption of trans fatty acids or other harmful substances (such as creatine and some chemical drugs) can cause fatty liver disease.

Traditional medicine prescription:

To treat fatty liver according to the doctor of herbal medicine, you should reduce the consumption of oil.

In addition, silybum marianum plant, chicory, artichoke and apple vinegar can be helpful.

The most important treatment for fatty liver is regular exercise and dietary changes.

Contact us for more information and online consultation with a traditional medicine doctor in this regard.

Hair loss

Hair loss can be caused by a variety of factors, including liver disease.

So you must first find the root cause of hair loss.

People with hot and dry temperaments are usually prone to hair loss and baldness in middle age.

Severe stress and anxiety and deep worries are other causes of hair loss, as well as recurrent bleeding, anemia, liver and uterine diseases.

Traditional medicine prescription:

After balancing the temperament, using a mixture of cedar powder, myrtus, mallow, chamomile and henna is also useful.

Massage your hair gently with this shampoo at least once a week and let it stay on your hair for 5 minutes and then wash your hair gently with lukewarm water.

It is also recommended to eat figs in rose water and vinegar.

Raisins and nuts are also very helpful in reducing hair loss.

In addition, pomegranate juice or pomegranate paste is also useful for hair growth by strengthening the digestive system.


Today, overweight is a common problem in modern societies.

The main cause of overweight is inactivity and eating fatty foods and fast food and poor lifestyle.

Therefore, to lose weight, we must first change our lifestyle.

But other causes, such as stomach ailments, endocrine disorders, and liver problems, can also cause obesity.

Traditional medicine prescription:

Since eating side dishes with food such as salads, yogurt, peppers, pickles, etc, causes false appetite, Consumption of such side effects should be reduced.

On the one hand, do not eat until you are hungry, and on the other hand, you should not be too hungry.

Of course, having a healthy diet (prescribed by a nutritionist or traditional medicine doctor) and regular exercise can be very effective in losing weight.

People with a cold temperament are more likely to be obese.

Therefore, the consumption of spices and foods with a hot temperament, such as mint and basil can be considered as a dietary supplement for choleric people.

Treatment of obesity with traditional medicine


The disease does not depend on a particular temperament and people with any temperament can get it.

The cause of this disease is harmful cholesterols deposition in the capillaries of the heart.

These deposits are often caused by the consumption of trans fatty acids (except in cases of congenital), but inactivity, obesity and diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes can also exacerbate it.

Traditional medicine prescription:

The patient should reduce oil consumption.

It is recommended to eat a mixture of garlic puree and lemon juice daily.

Crataegus extract is also useful. Borage tea can also be effective depending on the patient blood pressure.

Chest pain (heart)

This pain can have different causes, including Flatulence, clogged arteries, high or low blood pressure, blood concentration, etc.

Traditional medicine prescription:

you should take this pain seriously and be sure to find the main cause.

Each factor has its own treatment, including treatments for blood pressure, bloating, and etc.

Therefore, you should definitely consult a traditional medicine doctor or specialist doctor in this regard.

Skin wrinkles

Treatment of skin wrinkles with traditional medicine

Wrinkles are deep or superficial lines that form on the skin.

These lines are sometimes so deep that they create a hole or crack in the surface of the skin.

The formation of wrinkles on the skin is part of the natural aging process in the body.

But other factors such as UV, tobacco, dry skin, air pollution and lifestyle can also be effective in causing these wrinkles.

Traditional medicine prescription:

Massage of the face and muscles around the eyes, forehead and mouth is one of the most practical ways to prevent skin wrinkles.

Bathing with extracts or essential oils of herbs such as rose extract, lavender extract, sweet almond extract, primrose extract and lemon extract or avocado oil is recommended once a week for 30 minutes.

Another natural and herbal prescription for treating skin wrinkles and preventing more wrinkles on the skin surface is to use a grated mixture of cucumber and rose skin.


High blood pressure, anemia, vitamin B12 deficiency and not drinking enough water can all be causes of extreme fatigue.

Fatigue is often caused by a general weakness of the body.

This weakness may also be a symptom of an illness or the result of an unhealthy diet and inactivity.

However, if your extreme tiredness has become a chronic problem, you need to identify the root cause.

Traditional medicine prescription:

Consumption of ginseng is an effective way to relieve excessive fatigue (people with high blood pressure should avoid this plant).

Add spinach to a diet rich in potassium and B vitamins.

It is also best to reduce your intake of fatty foods and avoid high intake of refined carbohydrates such as sugar and white flour.

As a short-term solution, scent of peppermint can make you feel better.


Treatment of insomnia with traditional medicine

Insomnia can have many causes, including anemia, anxiety, depression, dehydration, hunger, smoking, high blood pressure, allergies, stomach ailments, hyperthyroidism, and more.

Insomnia is actually a symptom of other illness.

Traditional medicine prescription:

Traditional medicine for all diseases first answers two basic questions. 1) What is the patient’s temperament? 2) What does the disease have to do with the patient’s temperament?

Therefore, a general treatment for insomnia cannot be prescribed.

Insomnia is usually a sign indicating to the patient dry temperament.

Therefore, treatments that balance the temperament will be prescribed. In general, some medications that can be prescribed depending on the temperament of people include: beet leaves, lettuce leaves, coriander, lavender extract, valerian extract, and natural honey.

Do not forget to take any herbal medicine consulting a specialist in traditional medicine doctor.


Traditional medicine treatments for common diseases

Having a choleric temperament (hot and dry temperament) enhances a person’s tendency to get angry.

In addition, weakness of the nerves, anemia and insomnia also exacerbate this problem.

Excessive fatigue from work also increases anger.

Improper diet and unhealthy lifestyle and chemical drugs that damage the nerves and their function over time and affect a person’s temperament can also cause anger. Hunger and lack of nutrients, especially vitamin D, can lead to severe anger in some people.

Traditional medicine prescription:

Traditional medicine doctors offers various solutions to reduce anger and rage, including adjusting the hours of sleep, massaging the body with almond and sesame oil for half an hour before bathing, hydrotherapy and short shower with lukewarm water or relatively cold water, exposure to sunlight to supply the body with vitamin D, eating healthy foods such as fish, cereals, fruits and vegetables, and brown rice, eating magnesium-rich foods such as bitter chocolate, green leafy vegetables, bananas and apricots.

Consume seafood such as fish, oysters, sardines, salmon and tuna to increase natural fatty acids and omega-3s.

Drink chamomile tee with honey twice a day and also green tea.

Blood pressure

In general, blood pressure depends on the general temperament of the organs of the body, especially the nerves that are directly connected to the heart.

As blood pressure rises with age, traditional medicine doctors also believes that as you get older, the body’s temperament tends to become colder and drier.

Atherosclerosis, which causes the walls of the arteries to dry out, is the underlying cause of high blood pressure.

From the perspective of traditional medicine doctors, dryness of the vessel wall can be caused by melancholic and choleric temperament.

Traditional medicine prescription:

The first advice is to take high blood pressure seriously and be sure to find the root cause.

In general, the foods that traditional medicine doctors prescribes to lower blood pressure include garlic, celery, barley, turmeric, giant dodder, roselle tea, and pomegranate which is the most common antihypertensive drug in traditional medicine. Note, that treating high blood pressure alone is not possible with medication alone, and a number of measures must be taken continuously, from lifestyle changes and exercise to diet changes as well as taking medications and foods recommended by a traditional healers.

Headache (migraine)

Traditional medicine doctor | Headache (migraine)

Headache is more a symptom than a disease.

It can be caused by a variety of factors.

But in general, from the perspective of traditional medicine doctors, most of the headaches are caused by dehydration. However, if you have chronic headache, or modern medicine doctors have stated that its main cause is migraine, traditional medicine treatments may be helpful.

Traditional medicine prescription:

Traditional medicine doctors considers headaches to be caused by problems in the liver, stomach, intestines and uterus, so it prescribes different treatments for each type of headache.

For example, stomach headaches usually occur after eating heavy, liquid, or slow-digesting foods.

Although there is no definitive cure for migraine in modern medicine today, it can be treated by using traditional medicine and diagnosing the main cause of the disease (based on the assumptions of traditional medicine).

The treatment of the patient’s headache depends on his temperament and for each temperament his own treatment is prescribed. For example:

In choleric temperament, the headache starts from the forehead.

It is better for these people to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and salads such as lettuce and spinach in their diet. Drinking vinegar and honey, orange juice, lemon juice and vinegar can reduce their headaches.

In the sanguine temperament, the headache starts from the forehead and the temples beat.

To cure this type of headache, cupping is recommended.

In phlegmatic temperament, the headache starts from the neck and back of the head and is accompanied by nausea. Anxiety and stress can exacerbate this type of headache.

For these people, eating grape juice, head massage with sesame oil, as well as eating fennel extract and honey is prescribed.

In a melancholic temperament, the headache may be caused by environmental stimuli such as noise, new or different scents.

This type of headache is reduced in the dark.

Eating vinegar and honey, foot massage and cupping can be effective in treating this type of headache.

These people are advised to avoid spicy spices, eggplant, beef and coffee.


Anxiety is a common mental illness in modern societies.

But Traditional medicine considers one of the main causes of anxiety to be unhealthy nutrition and disturbing the balance of the body’s temperaments.

Therefore, the treatment of anxiety will be possible by changing the lifestyle and modifying the diet.

Traditional medicine prescription:

The main treatment in traditional medicine is to modify diet and change lifestyle.

But some teas can also be prescribed, including lemon balm teas, green tea, chamomile tea, and ginger tea. Eating vegetables and massage therapy can also be effective.

Note that diagnosis and medication based on the patient’s temperament, as well as other considerations, should be done by traditional medicine doctors.

Therefore, avoid taking any medication and treatment arbitrarily and be sure to consult a specialist before taking it.

Traditional medicine doctor

For more information or online consultation with a traditional medicine doctor, please contact us.

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