6 Amazing Traditional Healthcare Practices

Before naming 6 traditional healthcare practices, it is better to mention that from the perspective of traditional medicine, medicine is about maintaining good health when you are healthy and restoring it when you are sick. According to scholars, the basis of human creation is healthy body and mental, and most diseases are caused by excess and non-observance of health principles. In the sources of Iranian holistic medicine, correct patterns of health and healthy living are expressed in six areas.

The six principles of holistic medicine:

  • Life Setting
  • Food
  • Sleeping and Awaking
  • Physical Activity
  • Mood
  • Excretion and Retention

Importance of Food in Holistic Medicine

Chat with a doctor is the best way to improve your diet to stay healthy.

In holistic medicine, one of the essential principles that observes the preservation of health is the observance of the principles of nutrition. People need to know these principles before using different foods for getting healthy. Some of these points are eating when there is a natural appetite but not more then needed. Not moving much and heavy after eating, not eating a certain type of food and observing time intervals between meals.

One of the crucial points in observing food management is to avoid consuming several types of food in one meal and avoiding some foods together, such as not consuming dairy products with fish and chicken and… Herbalists consider the best foods to be healthy bread, six months old mutton, and among fruits, grapes, figs and so on.

Sleeping and Awaking

sleeping and awaking in herbal medicine

Traditional healthcare practices, one of that according to naturopathic doctors that can play a key role is to improve sleep patterns. The best time to sleep is about two hours after sunset and after food has left the stomach. The duration of sleep varies from 6 to 10 hours a day depending on the age and temperament of the person.

It is better to avoid sleeping during the day except at noon on hot summer days. The youth bed better made of linen in the hot season and silk and cotton in the cold season. It is also said that sleeping in a soft bed causes obesity. It is better to sleep on your right side first and then change your position.

Physical Activity The Best Traditional Healthcare Practices

physical activity in holistic medicine

It may be hard to believe, but Avicenna said a thousand years ago: “Essential action in maintaining health is exercise, followed by nutrition and sleep improvement”. Exercise is called voluntary movements that increase the depth and number of breaths.

The benefits of exercise include warming up the body’s temperaments, eliminating waste products through the pores of the body, strengthening the digestive and stomach, strengthening the nerves and increasing vitality. When you are hungry and after eating and when the weather is hot, it is not a good time to exercise. Exercises that have been emphasized by holistic doctor in the past include wrestling, running, walking, horseback riding, and even listening to pleasant sounds and singing.

Mood another Traditional Healthcare Practice

mood in alternative medicine

According to naturopathic doctor sayings, another factor affecting human health is mental reactions and changes. Happiness, sorrow, anger, fear, hope, embarrassment, can change human powers and actions. Avicenna says in his treatments: one of the valuable treatments that can strengthen the psychic abilities is happiness, short meeting with sad friends!  and accompanying the elders. These actions create balance in people’s mental changes.

Therefore, holistic doctors recommended grief to people with a hot temper and anger to people with a cold temper who are not physically active. Lack of idea and thought in doing sensitive things causes slowness of senses and poor memory and sadness. In contrast, achieving hope and desire for the body is as beneficial as the benefit of happiness. It is appropriate for people to have great self-esteem and to show restraint in response to the inclinations so that there is no drastic change in the ego.

Excretion and Retention

According to herbalist sayings one of the principles considered and valued in ancient medicine to maintain health is to pay attention to the substances accumulated in the body and measures to preserve or remove these substances. Naturopathic doctors believes that due to the consumption of various foods, waste products get in the body that needs to be removed from the body by special measures that require adherence to principles.

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