Stress relief with the help of Herbal medicine

stress relief with herbal medicine

Is stress relief with herbal medicine possible? The answer to this question is in this article!

Anxiety and stress is a feeling that we all have experienced and sometimes overcome. Obviously, we need to control this stress in order to perform well.

Fortunately, thanks to scientific progress, there are various drugs on the market to treat stress. If we put aside the unpleasant feeling of taking medicine, the chemical side effects of taking anti-stress and anti-anxiety drugs cannot be easily avoided. This dissatisfaction with the use of chemical drugs has made many people seek complementary treatment for stress.

Symptoms and Complications of Stress and Anxiety

This disease has many mental and physical symptoms and complications, including irritability, sadness, depression, loss of motivation, sudden anger and overall mood changes, and among the physical symptoms are pain and muscle tension, chest pain, headache, Fatigue, frequent urination, stomach upset, sleep disorder, etc.

If you experience stress for a long time, you can suffer from various diseases such as blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, depression, etc.

Treatment of stress and anxiety in herbal medicine

In herbal medicine, usually a person whose temperament is cold and dry, his nervous system does not work properly. And for this reason, he is prone to suffering from stress and depression.

In addition to medicinal plants, herbal medicine recommends lifestyle changes and a healthy diet to reduce stress. In general, mood correction is the treatment of stress and anxiety in herbal medicine, and each person should be specially treated according to their characteristics and symptoms, and the solutions described below may not be effective in some cases.

Treating anxiety with herbal tea

Not controlling anxiety and stress has a side effect on your daily performance. Maybe one of the best options after a stressful work day is to drink herbal tea.

In addition to creating a sense of relaxation, the beneficial compounds of teas also reduce anxiety and stress. In this case, you can read the article on herbal teas to control stress.

Herbal teas contain minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants that can improve health in the short term and even in the long term. Taking anti-stress and calming teas is one of the ways to calm the nerves and control stress, some of which we will introduce below.

Black tea

A popular drink that has a significant effect on reducing stress. By reducing the amount of cortisol hormone, this anti-stress tea causes a better feeling in the brain and reduces the amount of stress.

Valerian tea

This plant is known as the strongest anti-stress tea. It is recommended to use this tea alone or with chamomile to control stress. This tea is sleepy and therefore it is recommended not to consume it before doing tasks that require concentration.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, be sure to consult your doctor before use.

Cardamom tea

The calming properties of cardamom and its effect on the digestive system and nervous system have made this tea one of the most popular anti-stress teas.

People who have constipation, blood pressure and ulcers should consume less of this tea.

Exercise is the way to overcome stress

exercise the way to overcome stress

Exercising and being active helps to control this disease by increasing the heart rate and improving the blood flow in the body. Exercising, especially group sports, makes you forget about stressful factors.

Walking, climbing, cycling, swimming and yoga are among the sports suitable for treating stress.

Proper nutrition is a solution to stress relief

Proper nutrition is one of the main points that complementary medicine doctors emphasize a lot.

Vitamin C and Omega 3 can reduce the level of stress hormones, so using oranges, salmon, fresh bell peppers, nuts, dark chocolate, etc. are good options to include in the diet.

Barley is one of the most complex and best sources of carbohydrates that have positive effects on the production of serotonin, which is a happy substance. Barley can be used for breakfast.

Other items that can be used in the diet to improve stress are hawthorn, mint leaves, basil leaves, blueberries, etc.

Stress-reducing herbal distillate

Herbal distillate are extracted from medicinal plants by distillation. And they usually have more medicinal properties than herbal teas and are thicker. Herbal distillate are sometimes prescribed by herbalist to reduce stress and anxiety as well as symptoms related to depression.

Massage to overcome stress

Massage to overcome stress

To treat stress and anxiety, you can use various types of massage to open the blocked energy chakras of the body and reduce stress.

To help cure this disease, you can use sesame, olive or coconut oil and massage the body with it to reduce muscle tension and improve blood circulation.

Breathing correctly helps to relieve stress

When you are stressed, slow and deep breathing for 15 to 30 minutes can help because with deep breathing, more oxygen enters your body, which helps to relax your mind and body.

General recommendations of herbal medicine for treating stress, anxiety and depression

  • Avoid eating leftovers and frozen foods.
  • Avoiding beef consumption.
  • No bathing with cold water.
  • Using turmeric and saffron in cooking
  • Avoid drinking a lot of water, because it increases body moisture.
  • Doing cupping to detoxify the body, reduce blood concentration, improve mood and nerve function.
  • Forehead and back massage with sweet almond oil continuously.
  • Having daily physical activity of 30 to 45 minutes so that the heart rate increases.
  • Eating boiled chickpeas to help expel cold temperament from the body.
  • Avoiding spicy spices and pickles.
  • Avoid eating fast foods and foods that contain preservatives and…

Conclusion and guide to see a doctor to improve stress

Stress and anxiety have become one of the components of modern life, which sometimes can completely paralyze our lives. There are many ways to reduce anxiety and stress.

In order to be able to fight this disease in the best way, our suggestion is to find the source of stress with the help of a psychologist and at the same time chat with a herbalist in order to modify the diet and lifestyle for recovery.

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