Traditional medicine solutions for slimming treatment

slimming treatment with rozallin traditional medicine

Slimming treatment with traditional medicine,is it possible?!

People who are too thin and underweight are more likely to get infectious diseases than other people. In fact, losing weight, like being overweight, can damage the human body. But to achieve the ideal weight, do not look for pills and chemical drugs because in the long run, it will have undesirable side effects. There are many reasons for excessive weight loss. Traditional medicine for the treatment of thinness also first looks for the cause. In fact, losing weight is a sign of other problems.

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Why are some people too skinny?

As we have already explained, in order to treat weight loss, we must first look for the cause. Here are some of the reasons:


Anorexia nervosa is caused by heavy and stressful work. According to traditional medicine experts, stress and anxiety, grief and discomfort can be the causes of weight loss and slimming because stress and anxiety can prevent the absorption of nutrients in the body.

Genetic causes

There are people who can not eat more than a limited amount of food. When that amount of food reaches their stomachs, a group of hormones that play a role in controlling appetite are released and prevent them from continuing to eat.

More muscle fiber

Sometimes a person’s genetic makeup is such that he or she has more muscle fibers than other people. This feature allows them to burn more energy, even at rest; The result is that these people find it difficult to gain weight.

become fat with rozallin holistic medicine

Intrinsic characteristics

There are people who have a nervous and restless nature. They can not sit still and are constantly active; Even when they are sitting, they are constantly moving their legs and arms. All of this causes them to burn more calories than other people at any given time.

Problems in food absorption

Nutrient absorption is one of the most important factors in the treatment of excessive weight loss. Therefore, people who have difficulty absorbing these substances will suffer from severe weight loss.

Specific diseases

Some diseases such as hyperthyroidism, bulimia nervosa, chronic diarrhea, anxiety, depression, etc. prevent the treatment of excessive weight loss. Knowing the cause of anorexia nervosa, which is almost the most important cause of severe weight loss, along with other factors, can greatly help treat patients.

If the body does not have enough energy for daily activities, the body will supply its energy by burning fat cells and then proteins, which leads to thinness.

Parasites in the intestine

One of the points of slimming treatment is to pay attention to the parasites in the human body, which feed on the food that the human consumes, that is, the parasites use it before it is absorbed in the body, and as a result, it causes weight loss.


Another slimming treatments is adequate and balanced sleep, so people who see a nutritionist should adjust their sleep hours first.

Liver disease

Take care of your liver and eat a proper diet because people with liver disease or diseases that cause the spleen to enlarge have a significant effect on weight loss.

Various traditional medicine solutions for slimming treatment

Different treatments in rozallin traditional medicine for thinness

The first and most important treatment for weight loss is to eliminate the cause. In the following, we will mention some foods and medicines recommended by traditional medicine. Note, however, that this does not eliminate the need for online consultation with a traditional medicine doctor.

Suitable foods for weight gain

  • Meat soup, sweets with wheat or rice flour and almonds, rice milk, almond milk, mutton, a variety of meats if you have a strong stomach that can digest it well can be useful for obese people.
  • Eating honey after a meal helps people gain weight.
  • Sesame with sugar, quail meat, partridge, lettuce, rice and bread and foods that increase concentration and moisture in the body, as well as sweet pomegranate consumption after meals are effective for obesity.
  • Another recipe is to beat chopped beans and sweet pumpkin seed kernels and mix them with sweet pomegranate juice and almond oil.
  • Sweet almond kernels and hazelnuts are recommended for weight gain.
  • Consider the meat of birds such as ducks and partridges per week.
  • Use water, honey and lemon juice.
  • Dried figs with honey and fennel juice. This combination can improve the absorption of food in the body. Figs are warmer. Wet figs in particular strengthen the brain, heart and kidneys.
  • Those who are accustomed to eating rice, it is better to eat it with substances that modulate its temperament, for example, cumin, barberry and saffron.
  • Eating fried foods can cause thirst due to the heat and dryness it creates.
  • Grape juice and scrambled eggs are nutritious and prevent weakness.
  • A mixture of milk and rice as a breakfast is not only useful for obesity but also helps to strengthen the body; Because it causes the body to produce blood. Rice milk is suitable for people with cold and dry temperament and those who have a predominance of soda sputum in the body, especially for skinny people, children and the elderly. Sources in traditional medicine say that eating a mixture of milk and rice increases longevity.
  • Eat almonds with raisins.
  • Eat chickpeas with raisins.
  • Drink chestnuts with milk.
  • Drink flour, grape juice and juice.
  • Eat figs with olives.
  • Eat cheese with walnuts at night.
  • Add some alfalfa to your salad.
  • Eat pistachios.
  • Eat meat soup with plenty of peas.
  • Elecampane powder.
foods good for skinny people in traditional medicine

Contact a traditional medicine doctor if you want more information about thinness problem and its causes. Depending on your temperament, your traditional medicine doctor can recommend the best diet for you.

The effect of bathing on thinness

People who are thin should take a bath with warm and mineral water, because moderate warm water carries the necessary nutrients to the muscles.

Bathing with very hot water weakens the body and makes it thinner, but bathing with lukewarm water makes the body fat. It is also recommended to use moisturizing oils on the skin after bathing, of course, not in large quantities, because excessive consumption of it relaxes the surface tissue of the body.

Morning exercise is effective in improving the problem of weight loss

Hard exercise makes the body lean and gentle morning exercise makes the body fat and eating food after this exercise causes food to be absorbed into the body tissues.

Aromatherapy for skinny people

Aromatherapy for skinny people in

Scent yourself. Inhaling the pleasant smells eliminates the weakness of the body. The pleasant smell strengthens the heart, as a result of which good blood flows in the body and the weakness of the body disappears.

Treatment of excessive thinness using herbal medicine

Nutritionists believe that gaining weight is often more complicated than losing weight. There are several aspects to treating severe thinness: Excess calories from processed foods should be avoided, and patients with adequate appetite should be advised to eat meals, as well as gastrointestinal diseases associated with severe weight loss must be treated.

The first step in treating excessive thinness is to determine the root cause of your problem. Then you can choose the appropriate herbal medicine and treatment method for it. For example, the nutrition of low weight children is different from other peers. There are several ways to treat excessive weight loss. Some methods are with the help of chemical drugs that are not recommended due to their relatively high side effects. Therefore, it is better to reach your goal with the help of natural and herbal methods that have less side effects. Here are some of these plants.

Fenugreek herbal medicine

Fenugreek herbal medicine in

You may not be very familiar with the herbal medicine fenugreek, but it has amazing effects in treating severe weight loss and thinness problem. In fact, it is known for its effect on increasing the size of the breasts and buttocks, if you use it correctly.

Fenugreek has properties similar to female estrogen. It is also suitable for lowering cholesterol and stabilizing blood sugar, and prevents constipation due to its fiber; But how to consume it?

You can usually make this plant fresh from leeks or make a powder from a perfume. Your doctor may even prescribe a capsule for you. You can use it in the following ways:

  • By consuming its seeds.
  • Capsules or tablets available in perfumeries and pharmacies.
  • Through the use of flour.
  • Powder it to flavor different foods
  • Tea or brew


Dandelion root is a bitter-tasting tonic that is traditionally used to treat loss of appetite, weakness, gallstones, cholecystitis and constipation. The bitter taste is due to the substances such as sesquiterpene lactones glycosides, which increase the secretion of substances from the gallbladder and thus stimulate digestion.

The Dandelion plant also has a strengthening role and stimulates the appetite. But unlike the root of the plant, it has a sweet taste. For dandelion to have an effect on you, you should use it three times a day, the first time, after waking up.

Put four dandelion flowers in a cup of boiling water. When you have brewed well, you can drink it. Half an hour later, you can eat a banana. Eating a banana a day will also help treat your excessive thinness in a healthy way.


The rhizome of the ginger plant contains special oils and chemicals called gingerols and shogaols. From the first century AD, due to its warm nature, the quality of heat and the benefits it has for the digestive system, especially the stomach, had many fans.

Ginger is used in traditional medicine in the West, China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, South Africa and South America to treat stomach aches, loss of appetite, weakness, vomiting and nausea. Ginger is also considered to be a booster of the circulatory system and is used to treat colds associated with colds. This herbal medicine is also used to treat indigestion. Therefore, ginger can also play an important role in treating excessive thinness with the causes of digestive problems.


Note that if you have a regular daily exercise program along with proper diet as well as herbal medicines, it will help you gain weight.

To solve the problem of body thinness, like other diseases, you should consult a doctor. As mentioned in other articles, Traditional medicine is based on the diagnosis of temperament and advice based on the temperament of individuals. So the solution to the problem of excessive weight loss and thinness will also depend on your temperament. A traditional medicine doctor can prescribe the best treatment for you by determining your temperament.

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