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herbal medicine consultation

Rozallin has made it possible for people to easily contact the best holistic doctors for the treatment of various diseases.

Also, depending on the type of disease and the opinion of the herbalist, Rozallin Medical Complex visits the patient (with only one visit payment) up to three times and until the disease improves.

The type of treatment includes determining the patient’s temperament, correcting the temperament by changing lifestyle and nutrition, correcting nutrition with the help of therapeutic foods, using herbs, cupping therapy, leech therapy, and so on.

All these treatments are performed under the supervision of the best herbalists.

Online Herbal Medicine Consultation with doctor

Consultation with a doctor will help you to know your body better, cure diseases and use the best herbal medicines for treatment. The use of herbal medicine consultation can also help you prevent many diseases.

Herbal medicines can be effective in preventing, controlling and treating all kinds of diseases.

Since the use of herbs has almost no side effects and in some cases has less side effects than chemical medicines, if the disease can be treated and controlled with herbal medicines, using this method is more suitable for the health of the body. It also prevents the side effects of exposure to chemical drugs.

Herbal medicine consultation is a specialized task that should be performed by experienced holistic doctors. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, herbal medicine (herbs) may not be as dangerous and harmful as chemicals, but if used improperly, they can cause serious damage to the human body.

Therefore, even for the use of common herbal medicines, it is better to consult with experts in this field and seek the help of doctor of herbal medicine.

herbal medicine consultation

Why should we use the herbal medicine consultation?

  • For proper and correct use of herbal medicines.
  • To prevent possible side effects that may occur due to the use of some herbs.
  • Detailed information on the method of consumption and the amount of use of medicinal plants for better effectiveness.
  • Control and treatment of diseases using uncomplicated methods of holistic medicine.
  • Get help from nature to cure the disease in consultation with a naturopathic doctor.

What are the principles of holistic medicine and how does it diagnose diseases?

The principles of holistic medicine say that nature divides human temperament into four groups: phlegmatic, melancholic, sanguine and choleric.

Diagnosis of diseases in holistic medicine is made by an herbalist through detailed examinations and obtaining information about the patient’s condition, which include:

  • Assessment of the patient’s physical and mental condition
  • Diagnosis of the patient’s temperament
  • Getting a pulse and heart rate
  • Review of family history of diseases
  • Urine and stool examination
  • Examination of the face, eyes and iris
  • Specialized examinations related to the disease

Herbal medicine consultation, from the past to the present

Herbal medicine is a set of skills and knowledge that has been acquired over time and based on the experiences of individuals. Before the advent of modern medicine, diseases were prevented and treated based on herbal medicine.

But with the spread of science and knowledge, traditional methods gradually faded and gave way to modern medical knowledge. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines herbal medicine as:

A set of knowledge and skills that have been developed based on theories and indigenous and cultural experiences of different nations and can be used in the health, prevention, diagnosis, recovery, and treatment of physical and mental patients.

Balancing the body’s metabolism with rozallin

The holistic doctor examines the patient’s temperament and recognizes the nature of his body and recommends that the person consume foods and drinks with the opposite temperament.

This helps his body to balance its metabolism and not get sick.

It is important that the diagnosis and prevention of the disease be under the supervision of an herbalist and that patients who do not specialize in this field avoid self-medication.

Quality assurance review of medicinal plants

  • 1) Medicinal plants must be free from any signs of contamination with insects and animals and all kinds of molds.
  • 2) Pay attention to the smell and color of the plants. If you notice an abnormal smell or color change in the plant, it indicates that the plant is damaged.
  • 3) Before any use of medicinal plants, soil, dust or other inorganic substances must be completely cleaned.
  • 4) Be sure to buy medicinal plants under the supervision of a qualified doctor and from reputable pharmacies and centers.

Important points in the use of medicinal plants

  • 1) Avoid arbitrarily consuming medicinal herbs and separate herbal supplements.
  • 2) Due to the side effects observed in some medicinal plants, their consumption should be done under the supervision of a doctor.
  • 3) Be sure to inform your doctor after observing the complication.
  • 4) If you have a history of chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes and are using chemical drugs, you should consult your doctor before using them.

Doctor consultation online

Medicinal plants make the body more compatible and eliminate side effects, and fortunately, we see people’s acceptance of medicinal plants, especially mixed teas. Often, in mixed teas, several herbs are combined to achieve a goal, and in a short period of time, they bring great and good effects to the consumer.

But what is less paid attention to is that although medicinal plants are of natural origin and cause fewer side effects compared to chemical drugs, the indiscriminate or unscientific use of some of these plants can cause unwanted side effects and even severe poisoning. be made The use of herbal teas, like chemical drugs, should be done with knowledge and after knowing their mechanism of action.

Doctor consultation online has various features that can be very useful compared to face-to-face consultations. The most important of these features are not wasting time, easy and hassle-free access, providing more detailed documentation, each of these features can bring peace and comfort to patients.

Therefore, online medical consultation and online chat with a doctor is much more popular than the traditional method. You can fill out the relevant form and start your online conversation by selecting the option of online chat with an herbalist.

Online chat with a herbalist

You can book an appointment to discuss your health issues and whether herbal remedies are right for you, or if you’d like to discuss a custom Nature Connection event, please visit our live chat at Use the contact us page or phone number.

Rozallin, The best naturopathic doctor near me

A wide range of common ailments such as colds, constipation, simple diarrhea and some other diseases that often cause side effects after taking chemical drugs can be treated in holistic medicine.

You can also consult an herbalist for many chronic diseases such as reflux, joint and bone disorders, digestive disorders, respiratory problems.

It should be noted that people with diabetes, especially patients who control their blood sugar through insulin, lung patients treated with corticosteroids, patients with MS and AIDS, heart patients, anemia, people with high blood pressure are resistant to treatment can use herbal medicine consultation.

You can contact us to benefit from the advice of holistic doctor and the services of the best doctors who specialize in this field.