Best Herbal Hair Mask for Hair Loss

Natural hair mask for having healthy and beautiful hair


Hair loss and thinning are common problems among people, especially women who have longer hair and care more about their face in terms of beauty.

During the chat with a doctor, various methods for treating hair loss and hair growth are examined, but it is better to know the common causes of hair loss first.

Common causes of hair loss

causes of hair loss
  • Continuous use of chemical detergents
  • Keratin, excessive hair coloring
  • Excessive use of hair dryers, hair irons, etc.
  • Improper hair care and tying
  • Excessive use of hair spray, mask and…
  • Not cutting the tips of the hair for a long time
  • Daily washing and improper drying
  • Feeding problems and temperament swings
  • Changing weather conditions
  • Stress and weight loss
  • Physical changes such as pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Various diseases and hormonal problems and…

Treatment of hair loss in herbal medicine

After identifying the main causes of hair loss, it is better to treat it and eliminate the causative factors. In herbal medicine, many suggestions and prescriptions have been recommended to treat and thicken hair, so it is better to chat with an herbalist.

Apart from the drugs that cause shedding and it is not possible for the patient to quit it, it is better to use complementary and herbal methods that do not have side effects.

The use of chemical drugs and multivitamins is also recommended to treat this problem in modern medicine, but in herbal medicine, foods and changing the eating style are usually the substitutes for these supplements and drugs.

In the following, we refer to several general methods recommended in holistic medicine:

  • In order to prevent splitting and further thinning of the hair shaft, it is better to cut the tips of the hair with a sharp scissors every few months to help it grow better.
  • Comb the hair with a brush and a wooden comb before going to bed. This will massage the scalp and stimulate the hair roots. You can use your fingers or manual massagers to massage your head.
  • It is better not to use a comb in the bathroom because it increases hair loss.
  • Use sulfate-free shampoos that have less harmful ingredients.
  • Use of foods such as spinach, berries, fatty fish, eggs and in general foods containing vitamins A, C, D, B, E, zinc, iron, biotin, protein and essential fatty acids that helps contribute to the growth and thickening of the hair shaft.
  • Using natural and herbal masks and oils
  • Do not tie your hair tightly, the best way is to weave it.
  • Cope with your hair type. Changing your hair to straight or curling it too much will cause it to fall out.

Hair mask and oils against hair loss

Hair mask and oils for hair loss

Argan oil: This oil helps to remove frizz and dandruff. If you use original argan oil, it nourishes the hair shaft well. Also, there is no need to wash hair after using argan oil.

Coconut oil: Coconut oil also helps to strengthen the hair, especially its thickness. After using it, you can wash your hair with a suitable shampoo.

Almond oil: Using this oil increases hair moisture. Just massage the hair with a few drops and rinse after a few hours.

Rosemary oil: Rosemary oil is among the oils that help stimulate hair roots and grow them. By supplying blood to the scalp, this oil preserves the hair follicle and reduces dandruff.

Castor oil: This oil is used to thicken hair and eyebrows.

Olive oil: Olive oil can be used during the night until the morning or an hour before the bath and massage the skin and hair with it.

Phyllanthus emblica oil: This oil helps repair damaged hair, stimulates hair growth and prevents premature graying and shedding.

Aloe vera mask: Aloe vera plant is a good choice for preparing a herbal hair mask because it moisturizes the hair and skin, which helps to thicken the hair. You can massage the jelly part of the plant or the prepared masks on the head and hair and wash the hair after about 3 to 4 hours.

Egg mask: In ancient times, many people used eggs as shampoo. Eggs contain nutrients that repair hair. You can mix and use it with different oils such as castor and then wash your scalp and hair.

Henna mask: Henna is one of the oldest herbs in the treatment of hair problems, and holistic doctors pay special attention to it, but due to its coloring properties, it is not very popular nowadays. If you have no problem with its color, you can use henna mask to thicken the hair shaft.

Coconut milk mask: a mixture of milk, coconut and a few spoons of olive oil can be used to massage the head and hair. Coconut and olive oil provide good moisture for hair.

Green tea mask: brew some green tea and after it cools down, pour it on your hair and massage it. After about an hour, you can rinse your hair.

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