6 Amazing Traditional Healthcare Practices

traditional healthcare practices

Before naming 6 traditional healthcare practices, it is better to mention that from the perspective of traditional medicine, medicine is about maintaining good health when you are healthy and restoring it when you are sick. According to scholars, the basis of human creation is healthy body and mental, and most diseases are caused by excess […]

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What plants are used in medicine

what plants are used in medicine

Herbal medicine specialist and plants Before answering what plants are used in medicine it is better to explain some points. In herbal medicine, it is better to listen the advice of a holistic doctor. You have probably heard that taking certain herbal medications are suitable for treating disease. But the truth is that the use of herbal […]

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Why Herbal Medicine?

why herbal medicine

Why Herbal Medicine? Before explaining why herbal medicine is useful, it is better to explore the definition of this topic. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), herbal medicine refers to knowledge, skills, and practices based on the theory, beliefs, and indigenous experiences of different cultures used to maintain health, prevent, diagnose, improve, and treat […]

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Can Herbs Cure Diseases?

can herbs cure diseases

Can Herbs Cure Diseases? It’s better to answer our question first and then explain about it. Yes, herbs can cure diseases, but they should be consulted and prescribed by a herbalist. Humans have struggled with a variety of diseases from the distant past and have been able to cope with diseases. Otherwise, the human race […]

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The evolution road of herbal medicine

avicenna, herbal medicine

The evolution of herbal medicine from past to now Avicenna has a famous saying: “Our food is our medicine and our medicine is our food”, so the first human treatment started from knowing what to eat, because if the body does not get useful substances, it will get sick and if it eats wrong, it […]

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5 Top Tips of Traditional Medicine for Pregnant Mother and the Fetus

rozallin traditional Medicine for Pregnant Mother

Tips of Traditional Medicine about pregnant mothers A healthy child is a divine gift that many couples seek after several years of marriage. Many couples are looking for pregnancy tips in traditional medicine. In traditional medicine, the standards of physical health are considered higher than modern medicine. Hence, by providing the correct principles of nutrition, […]

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Traditional medicine treatments for common diseases

Traditional medicine doctor

Tips of traditional medicine about the treatment of common diseases At the beginning of this article it is necessary to remind that herbal medicine is a supplement to modern medicine and should not be considered as an alternative. Therefore, patients should consult a specialist in case of acute illness and follow the recommendations of traditional […]

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Temperaments in traditional medicine

Temperaments in Traditional Medicine

If you look at the study sources of herbalist (especially traditional Persian and Greek medicine), you will see that one of the key concepts in them is “temperament”. Traditional medicine doctors classify patients’ temperament in the first step of treatment. In this article, we will examine the types of temperaments and point out the characteristics, […]

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15 Amazing Medicinal Plants In Traditional Medicine

Amazing Medicinal Plants In Traditional Medicine

“Medicine” is a very broad concept in herbal medicine and includes a variety of plants, foods, minerals and even toxins. From the perspective of traditional medicine, any substance that can restore balance to the body is a kind of drug. The medicine can be prescribed for acute or chronic diseases, but the difference between traditional […]

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Traditional Medicine, Cancer Treatment or Prevention

Cancer Treatment with Traditional Medicine Cancer is a disease that many people are afraid of. But unfortunately they have habits that bring them closer to this disease. Traditional medicine is a preventative method to prevent cancer. In this article, we intend to review traditional medicine treatments for cancer. What is cancer? Cancer Treatment with Traditional […]

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