Stress relief with the help of Herbal medicine

stress relief with herbal medicine

Is stress relief with herbal medicine possible? The answer to this question is in this article! Anxiety and stress is a feeling that we all have experienced and sometimes overcome. Obviously, we need to control this stress in order to perform well. Fortunately, thanks to scientific progress, there are various drugs on the market to […]

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Improve Stress with 8 Amazing Herbal Teas

control stress with herbal tea

Herbal Teas, a Solution to Control Stress For all of us, we are in a situation where we feel heart palpitations, heartbreak, stress and anxiety. In these situations, we do not concentrate to make the best decision, we may not even be able to speak properly. If we experience stress for a long time and […]

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Can we treat facial acne by ourselves?

Treatment of facial acne with herbal medicine

Treatment of facial acne with herbal medicine One of the most important things that people may face over time is facial pimples and acne that appear on the body after a certain long period of time. There are many people who spend a lot of money to get rid of acne and pimples, but they […]

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Treat skin blisters yourself

natural skin blister treatment

A skin blister is caused by fluid accumulation in the cavity of the outer layer of the skin. Various reasons cause such a complication. Sunburn, infection, viral infections such as chicken pox and rubbing are among the causes of blisters. Burns are the most common cause of blisters on the skin. Spilling hot liquid on […]

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Best Herbal Hair Mask for Hair Loss


Natural hair mask for having healthy and beautiful hair Hair loss and thinning are common problems among people, especially women who have longer hair and care more about their face in terms of beauty. During the chat with a doctor, various methods for treating hair loss and hair growth are examined, but it is better […]

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Controlling Epilepsy With 7 Excellent Herbal Tea!

Control Epilepsy and Its Attacks With Herbal Treatment

How to Control Epilepsy and Its Attacks With Herbal Treatment Despite the rapid advancement of medical technology in recent years, many specialists and medical professionals still believe that natural and herbal treatments are the best ways to treat and manage epilepsy. This essay explores various efficient natural and herbal treatments for this ailment. Epilepsy’s Root […]

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5 Drugs Derived from Amazing Plants

5 drugs derived from plants

Medicinal Plants that used to Produce Medicine In the following, at the online holistic medicine consultation center, we intend to explain the medicines directly derived from plants. In addition, the method of extracting these drugs from plants will be mentioned. There are different types of plants. Among them are plants known as “Medicinal plants.” Medicinal […]

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Improve Lumbar Herniated Disc by 5 Useful Herbs

Improve Lumbar Herniated Disc

Herbal Treatments to Improve Lumbar Herniated Disc Most people experience back pain at least once in their lifetime, which is a common problem. In most cases, back pain comes on unexpectedly and goes away quickly on its own. However, back pain can sometimes be painful, irritating, persistent, and recurring. In addition, back pain can sometimes […]

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Differences between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes Treatment by Holistic Medicine

What is the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes? The main difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes is that in type 1 diabetes, the pancreatic beta cells are damaged and the body is unable to make insulin, therefore a person must take insulin to survive. Some persons with type 2 diabetes, […]

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