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ROZALLIN is a specialized medical group that offers a variety of treatments. Our medical team includes experienced specialists in various fields of medicine which combine our knowledge and skills with traditional / herbal medicine, and we have created a new and effective style in the treatment of diseases.
This treatment method is a valid and scientific method that has been used for many years in different countries and treats patients in a simple, low-cost and effective way. Even in some countries, there are creditable universities for teaching and learning this treatment style.

This medicine, which is combined with modern medical knowledge, is based on the treatment methods of the Avicenna and Zakaria Razi.

Bu-Ali Sina (Avicenna) believes that the foods we eat, the thoughts we think of it and the environment in which we live in sickness and treatment.

This medical style believes that by modifying nutrition and lifestyle as the main causes of illness, to improve and treat the disease. Along with this method, complementary methods such as cupping, leech therapy, massage therapy and … are also used.

Treatment through herbal medicine includes benefits such as lower treatment, lack of use of chemical drugs that have complications, lack of aggressive methods such as surgery and….

Herbal medicine doctors in Rozallin, by knowing the patient’s temperament and considering the nutrition and lifestyle of the individual to treat diseases. And at once, the cost of visiting up to three sessions (for free) will monitor the patient’s treatment process.

We try ourselves in Rozallin, so that patients are treated in the best way and during the patient’s treatment process, experiencing a different recovery.

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