5 Drugs Derived from Amazing Plants

Medicinal Plants that used to Produce Medicine

Medicinal Plants that used to Produce Medicine

In the following, at the online holistic medicine consultation center, we intend to explain the medicines directly derived from plants. In addition, the method of extracting these drugs from plants will be mentioned.

There are different types of plants. Among them are plants known as “Medicinal plants.” Medicinal plants have many properties and are very useful for treating various diseases. Hence, medicinal plants are used to produce a variety of drugs and syrups. The extract contained in plants is beneficial for treating multiple conditions.

Which Drugs are derived from Plants?

If you check the ingredients of all medicines, you will see signs of herbal extracts. Medicinal plants are one of the essential elements that play an indispensable role in developing the pharmaceutical industry. Among these are drugs, a large percentage of which are plant-derived.


In modern medicine, This herb is used in many different drugs. It is used for local anesthesia before surgery, etc.

Cocaine is extracted from a plant called “coca.” These medicinal plant can be found in South American countries. The reason for naming Cocaine is because it is extraction from a plant called coca.

Extraction of Cocaine from the coca plant is possible only by harvesting a significant amount of the leaves of this. In cocaine extraction, a considerable amount of cocaine leaves is soaked in gasoline or other solvents. Soaking the leaves of the coca plant in such solvents extracts the chemical cocaine hydrochloride.

These solvents somehow stimulate the chemical cocaine hydrochloride to leave the leaf. Coca leaves are soaked in solvents again after initial extraction. Finally, with the help of a filter, the final product can be harvested. For efficient use of Cocaine, the extracted substance is dried.


Medicinal Plants that used to Produce Medicine 1

With the help of holistic doctor, you can find natural alternatives to aspirin without side effects. Aspirin is a medicinal plant used in modern medicine. This drug has many uses. Aspirin can be used to relieve pain and counteract blood clots.

The substance used to make aspirin is called Salix. In other words, to produce aspirin, we need to extract salicylic acid from the bark of the willow tree. There are different types of willow trees. The bark of each willow tree has an extra strength of salicylic acid. Hippocrates first discovered this substance. Edward Stone, in modern medicine, later used it.

There are several ways to extract salicylic acid from willow. One of them is boiling a certain amount in willow bark with a cup of water. The substance extracted with acetic acid chemically reacts to form aspirin.


Holistic medicine considers caffeine as a substance to treat fatigue and migraine. It directly affects the neurotransmitters of adenosine receptors and increases the brain’s readiness to move and work.

Caffeine can be obtained naturally from coffee, tea, cola nuts, and guarana. But today, drugs and pills are also produced that can be used to get a certain amount of caffeine.

Caffeine is found in many plants. How to extract caffeine from plants is possible only by dissolving them in some solvent. When you prepare some coffee for drinking, you dissolve a certain amount of coffee in some hot water. In this case, your solvent water and caffeine in coffee enter the water.

Medicinal Plants that used to Produce Medicine2


Herbal medicine uses different methods to extract the healing element from the Foxglove plant. Of course, the scientific name of this plant is Digital, and the same name knows even the medicine from which it is produced. Also, it is known as Digoxin.

Digitals are used to treat the most crucial organ in the body, the heart. One of the most common cardiac complications is cardiac arrhythmia, treated with digital medicine. Only a small dose of digital medicine can improve cardiac arrhythmia.

There are several solvents for digital extraction from foxglove plants. One of the solutions used to extract Digoxin is Aqueous ethanol. The desired therapeutic element can be obtained by dissolving foxglove foliage in a certain amount of Aqueous ethanol.

Morphine, Codeine, Opium

Doctors prescribe pills such as morphine and codeine to relieve pain. The Opium Poppy plant is used to extract this medicine. This plant is the same plant that is also used to produce opium. Morphine and codeine pills are highly addictive, and overuse by patients is prohibited.

At first, the Opium Poppy was thought to cure various ailments.
A doctor of herbal medicine cut the Opium Poppy flesh pod and collected the ingredients inside to make these drugs. The material inside the poppy is then dried.

The purpose is to improve people’s knowledge about plants and their properties. Many plants in nature can cure many diseases. It is enough to know them well and use them well. Undoubtedly, there are solutions in nature to cure any disease.

The point that should be noted is that the mentioned drugs are addictive and must be taken under the supervision of a doctor.

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